Factory/Social Audit

Factory Audit Scope & Checklist

Approving the factory is the last step in the process of selecting a new supplier, audit objective is to confirm that the factory can deliver the quality product in the right timeframe. An audit is a detailed procedure for buyers to evaluate if factory has the capability for quality production beside environmental and social concerns. 

Our auditor provide insights of a factory and help determine whether a supplier is qualified for operational and quality control system, depending on client specifications and industry standards, we also evaluate other concerns that may impact product quality, timeliness of deliveries and the capacity of the factory.
Key Check Points,
  • Factory Overview and History
  • Adherence to Social Accountability Requirements 
  • Vertical and horizontal Integration Capability and Capacity 
  • Quality and Environmental System  
  • General Production Overview and Questionnaires
  • Equipment Maintenance and Calibration Procedures
  • Staff Training and Product Tracking Procedures
  • All Documents, Procedures and Certificates
  • Technical Processes Questionnaires, Warranty and Claim Procedures
  • Product Datasheet and FEMA 
  • CRM