Mechanical & Machinery Inspection

Industrial Mechanical Equipment & Machinery Inspection Scope & Witness Testing Checklist

QIEST inspect Industrial Mechanical Equipment and Machinery ranging from Crane to Steel structures, Pressure vessels, Boilers, Fuel Tank, Turbine, Hydraulic System, Tools, etc. for Petroleum, Gas, Pipeline, Automobile, Mechanical, Consumer Goods and related industries.


  • Verify and review Mandatory Certificates and Reports such as, Machinery or equipment Test Reports, Material Certificate, Chemical Composition, Strength Test Report, Calibration Certificate, Mechanical properties test, Pressure and Testing Report, Material Test Report, Daily Heat Testing Report, Load test report, NDE, Noise- sound level Report, Inspection and Test Procedure, Mill Certificate, Supplier Impression Evaluation Sheet and Additional Client Requirements. 
  • Verify and review Inspection Documents, Engineering Specification & Drawings such as, Mechanical & Electrical properties, Machinery or equipment Specification & drawings, Agreed Inspection Scope, Special Inspection Instruction, Inspection Checklist, Testing Procedures, Painting Specification, Purchase Documents, Isometric Drawing and Additional Client Requirements. 
  • Verify Dimension and position of assembly equipment. 
  • Verify Electrical equipment shall be enclosed and operating under defined standards and conditions
  • Verify and check, Design specifications for Safety, Assembly drawing and safety standards, Operating mechanisms, Load and other marking, Holding brakes torque, Power  specification, Break surface, Tension equalization, Leakage in hydraulic systems and Additional Client Requirements. 
  • Perform Final Visual Inspection to verify and check Surface straightness, Surface flatness, Hooks damages, Cracks, Hoist chains, Damage of wire rope, Twist, Loose bolts, drums, Surface flaws, bearings, shafts, gears, rollers, locking and clamping devices and Additional Client Requirements. 
  • Check and verify final assembly of components. 
  • Painting inspection to verify, Bubbles, Cracks, Rust, foreign materials, Surface treatment, thickness, Painting surface standards, Primer Intermediate and Finish color coat and Additional Client Requirements
  • Non-destructive examination (NDE)
  • Welding visual check for surface porosity, misalignment, welding cleanliness, tack weld, slag, cracks, weld layers, sharp ridges, undercut, over crown, welder stamp, field weld number and Additional Client Requirements
  • Welders & welding procedure specifications and qualification records shall be in accordance with applicable standards. Inspect welds are matched with approved numbering system. 
  • Inspect mounted equipment shall be removed prior to welding or heat treatment. 
  • Electrical check to verify wiring, control circuit, control box, control circuit voltage check, insulation check, motors, switches, sequence check, dirt, grease, oil, moisture and Additional Client Requirements
  • Packing
  • Shipment


  • NDT (Non-destructive Testing)
  • Load Test 
  • Noise- Sound Level Test
  • Operational Test
  • Wire Rope Strength Test
  • Sequence Test
  • Performance Test
  • Functional Test
  • Low Voltage Motor Test
  • Break Testing
  • Additional Client Requirements